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Dance Health

Jaimie Tapper

1. Practical skills for managing anxiety
Most people are experiencing increased and understandable anxiety as a result of the pandemic and the changes we have all had to make to minimise the spread of Covid-19. Organisational Psychologist Jaimie Persson will explore 5 evidence-based reasons why the human mind gets anxious in times of uncertainty. She'll share and we'll practice evidence-based techniques for changing our relationship with our anxiety. The skills you learn can be applied to cope with anxiety in different contexts, including in social and professional situations.

2. Finding direction in uncertain times
For many of us, professional identities have been disrupted by the current pandemic and movement restrictions. Organisational Psychologist Jaimie Tapper will share evidence-based skills to help us navigate our new training/working environments and contexts. She’ll be leading an exploration of our personal values in different areas of our lives. Using evidence-based tools, we’ll explore what’s personally important about how we each ‘show up’ as artists and how we can bring these values to life in our behaviour in these challenging times.

3. Disconnecting from work, when the home is the workplace

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